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Ties Use Guide

- Jan 10, 2018 -

There are three styles of ties, the first of which is the bow tie from Europe in the 17th century. It appears as a bow tie. The early stages were accomplished by means of a roundabout way, but the design of modern bow ties has become much easier and more convenient.

But if it happened to meet the need for a bow tie and there was no bow tie at hand, then we could make a perfect bow tie by wearing a scarf or a headscarf around the woman.

The second tie, as the name suggests, is now the workplace Ye Hao, party Ye Hao, we see the most long section of the tie. Tie in the style is divided into two types: necktie and skinny tie. The difference is that the tie is wide or narrow.
Tie tie system is more complicated than bow tie! There are a total of four ways, namely: four in hand, Windsor, half Windsor, shell knot! There are many tricks but it is enough to master one of them. Unless you are the details of the control, or you also find it difficult to find all the details of the Department brought tie the United States!

The third cocoon scarf ascot tie is relatively rare, its retro taste is relatively concentrated, first appeared in England in the late 19th century, and therefore quite British style.
If you think the bow tie will be like a sommelier, the tie feels monotonous and boring, you can try to see the scarf. Unique also has flavor!

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