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Tie Washing Method

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Washing raw materials

If you dry clean yourself, wash raw materials with high-purity alcohol or colorless solvent gasoline above No. 120.

Soak the silk tie for about ten minutes; use a smooth, stick-free stick to tap the dirty part of the tie. If the tie stain is too large, use your hands to gently knead; After the solvent is evaporated, if there are still a lot of stains on the necktie, soft brush can be used to wash gently.

laundry guide

Because the tie fabric is different from the lining material, it is easy to wrinkle after washing, and it is also easy to damage the gloss of the tie surface. Never put the tie into the water to wash. It is best to use dry cleaning. The tie is easy to get dirty, so you can rub it in your hand or rub it in your hand. In other places where there is dirt, scrub it with a cloth.

Ironing method

Regardless of the type of tie, do not use high temperatures when ironing. Otherwise, this tie will become flat and flat, and the natural drape of the tie will be less.

Ironing must be covered with a layer of cotton cloth to avoid direct contact with the tie fabric. If steam can be used to treat large areas of wrinkles, the edges need to be marked with creases. .

When ironing, use cardboard to cut into a tie or tie a piece of white paper into a tie and stuff it into the lining part of the tie, and then gently iron it to prevent the edges from being ironed too hard or without padding. The cloth should be ironed, but the medium and low temperature should be used. The ironing speed should be fast so as to avoid yellowing and “aurora” phenomenon. If the tie has a slight wrinkle, it can be tightly wrapped in a clean bottle. One day wrinkles disappear.


Contact: Xi Lin

Address: 818 xianhu road shengzhou city, zhejiang china.

M/P: +86-13758596355


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