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Tie Production Fabric

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Fabric classification

Ties can generally be divided into yarn-dyed silk ties, printed silk ties, dyed polyester silk ties, printed polyester silk ties (anti-silk). With the advent of new products, there have also been some wool + silk, or 50% silk + 50% polyester silk tie, but this type of pattern is not more than a conventional fabric tie. The so-called South Korean silk is actually a polyester yarn. This is just the name of some domestic companies. In foreign trade, this is 100% polyester.

Lining classification

The lining of the tie can be divided into four major categories according to the composition, polyester lining, pomelo silk lining,

Wool lining, wool or grapefruit + polyester blend. Originally, the tie should all be made of polyester yarn, durable, and also suitable for the characteristics of the tie. The pomelo silk lining and the wool lining are basically used for exporting to the United States. Due to the quota system at that time, the ties that were exported to the United States must be lined with pomelo silk of natural materials and lining wool. Quotas were abolished, but U.S. customers still followed the habit of using pomelo silk lining and wool lining. Feel relatively soft, this is the characteristics of grapefruit silk lining, wool lining tie, but for domestic consumers, in fact, polyester lining tie is more suitable. Pomelo silk lining, wool lining ties can be worn less often and easily deformed. Because the consumption level in the United States is higher than that in China, they generally buy 1 dozen of ties and no more than 5 times per tie.

Material identification

Due to the improvement of post-processing technology, some silk ties and polyester ties are not distinguishable by hand or with the naked eye. Therefore, the general difference between these two methods is to use fire. Generally, you can pull out a little bit of fabric inside the sutures on the tie head and burn it down with a lighter. It is clear that when you touch the flame, the polyester is made of polyester yarn, and the powder is made of silk. This is relatively simple and it is commonly used. Methods. Note that you can only burn the first thread first. Burning a tie is not good!


Contact: Xi Lin

Address: 818 xianhu road shengzhou city, zhejiang china.

M/P: +86-13758596355


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