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Tie On The Decoration

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The necktie itself plays a decorative role in the men's wear, although it can work independently and become the only embellishment of a suit shirt, but sometimes the men just choose to add some "material" on it, saying that beauty is good, It is worth mentioning that the tie pins and tie rods these seemingly trim ornaments, tend to be some men's heart good.

The ornaments that can be used to a man were originally pitiful, the tie was one of the big ones, and the position in the history of the men was quite impressive. The earliest dates back to the seventeenth century, and fortunes like a suit in military uniform. Such an important decoration, the role played by nature can not be ignored, so to speak, a elegant, elegant texture of the tie, enough for men to deal with the basic style of the suit. However, even if most of the men are willing to meet the basic style, there are always a handful of trendy "restless" elements who like to fiddle with the "gadgets" like cufflinks, pocket towels, tie clips, etc., With the pursuit of excellence and relentless pursuit. Therefore, whether it is because of the stinking beauty, or to make the position of the tie more stable and beautifully placed, tie clips, tie pins and tie bars, these seemingly superfluous items are added to the decorative objects. In fact, as long as embellishment properly, "superfluous" can produce the finishing touch effect.

Tie accessories are also practical
Indeed, the usual tie without the use of any accessories, and even some people feel that the tie when the wind swaying, make men seem more elegant, but sometimes this casual "elegant" will cause trouble for your work or action, then The tie accessories debut. It can also be said that the basic role of tie accessories is to tie, followed by the decorative. Common tie accessories Tie clip, tie pin, tie bar, decorative position varies, but definitely not the same stage appearance, one can only use one to fix your tie. The choice of these accessories also have some stress, usually more metal texture should be considered, and to a better color, shape and pattern should be elegant and simple, so as to complement the shape of the suit.

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