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Tie Accessories How To Wear?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Tie accessories how to wear?

This is exposed outside the suit to wear the tie clip is not a rule, but if you are concave shape is another matter.
Tie clip role is to tie fixed on the shirt, someone only use it to tie the tie, let it windswept with the tie, the move completely wrong. Tie the right place to wear the tie, in the shirt from the top of the number of the fourth and the fifth button between buttons, fasten the suit button after the shirt should avoid its exposure.

Tie stitches are often worn in the morning dress tie.
Tie tie effect is to tie on the shirt, and play a role in the decoration and modeling. Tie the end of the needle pattern, should be in the outside of the tie, the other end of the thin chain, it should be hidden in the back of the tie, to avoid exposure. Use, it should be in the shirt from the bottom of the third button at the middle of the tie, wear a tie can be slightly arched upward, so that the tie looks more plump and beautiful appearance.

Tie bars are now used by designers as chic decorations on the collar of shirts.
Tie straps are often used with buttoned shirts, buttonholes and ties that go through the collar of the shirt when worn, and tie ties are fastened to the shirt collar. Proper use of tie bar, will make the tie seem elegant in formal occasions, but also reduce the trouble.

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