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The Difference Between A Wide Tie And A Narrow Tie

- Jan 10, 2018 -

More and more tie patterns, the development of the year is also very long. In the choice of tie in addition to the flower pattern color as a reference, the width of the tie also joined. In fact, the tie is not difficult to pick, according to their presence at the scene, style, shape one by one, will always find their own tie. Then talk about the difference between a wide tie and a narrow tie.

As long as the face is a thin, small face, the neck circumference of 15.5 inches below the people are actually considered suitable for use narrow necktie, and shoulders wide or gym biceps muscle training is very good muscle man, nor is it Suitable for narrow version of the tie.

If you wear a shirt with a slight change of color, such as single-line fine lines or straight stripes, then you can also be a little fancy tie a little change, for example: will be playing Good tie chest shirt buttoned into miles below, if it is with a pair of jeans look handsome. Is deliberately playing the tie inside and outside the short match, and let the tie inside the tail deliberately staggered in parallel, that is, without having to hide in front of the wide tie

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