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The Basic Etiquette Of The Tie

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Tie as an ancient traditional product, has always been as an important position of the annotation. A well-crafted hand-crafted tie is a classic ornament for every man.

In today's social environment, the image of men is the first step to success. Elegant, calm, warmth is the image of men in civilized society requirements. As a part of men's clothing, the tie fully embodies the rich connotation of the tie as a costume jewelry, making the best image annotation for the unique and deep inner world of the male earth. Therefore, the tie has experienced the long test of fashion trends today, with the rapid development of human civilization and aesthetic fashion constantly updated, with its unique soul and personality more and more by men of all ages and respected.

Tie the basic etiquette.

First, the tie can not be too long or too short, the lower end of the belt when it hits the belt buckle along the appropriate.

Second, wearing a knit turtleneck, lapel shirt and short-sleeved shirt are not suitable to tie.

Third, in festive occasions, some bright colors tie, in solemn occasions, generally black or other plain tie.

Fourth, in daily life, only wear long-sleeved shirt can tie, but the shirt should be hemmed in the pants.

Fifth, optional tie, stripe tie should be avoided with striped suit, tie with a lattice checkered suit or shirt.

Six, wearing short-sleeved shirt do not have to tie. Short-sleeved shirt is a casual wear, strictly speaking, it is almost the same with shorts and vests. So wearing a short-sleeved shirt to tie a tie, it will give others a sense of mediocrity.

Seven, if you do not wear uniforms, it is best not to fight "a pull" tie. Because "a pull" tie grade is not high, is a matching uniform. Therefore, in formal occasions, especially wearing high-end suits, avoid playing "a pull" tie.

Eight, tie does not have to use tie clip. When wearing a suit, not everyone needs a tie clip. In general, uniformed people, business, tax, police, military personnel need to use a tie clip; the second is often the big boss, leaders, big boss, these people usually clip the tie clip, or let the necklace chaos , Affect dining.

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