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Teach You How To Improve With Taste

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Mentioned men to the fashion gentleman, it certainly can not be separated from the suit, only the suits can dress the man elegant, the gentleman full of flavor, and talked about the suit can not be separated from the vest.

Vests are three-piece suit in an important part of the meticulous three-piece suit, is absolutely elite men's good line. Dressed in shiny back, hand-held leather briefcase. There is a sense of how much some sense of distance, but also seemed a bit restrained. However, the wardrobe must have prepared one or two sets, or encounter any high-spec occasions, how do you mean.

Vest with: strong, thin, exposed muscles and other effects! A good vest can better reflect your taste, while the vest in the men's category, is the best player, with a great tolerance, easy to create the artist effect, then you are a step closer to the fashion gentleman .

In addition to a solid color suit vest, stripes and plaid vest fashion gentlemen are very favorite style. Highlight the level, there are self-cultivation effect. Attend business occasions!

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