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Men's Silk Suit And Maintenance Of The Tie

- Jan 10, 2018 -

As the weather turns cooler, the suit tie has been quietly active in conference rooms, ceremonies and other places. As a business man, are you worried about the maintenance of the tie? Reasonable treatment of the stains and stubborn ties left by the neckline determines the useful life of the tie. It is still very easy to maintain a tie as long as you use it properly.

As a lot of tie material, Xiao Bian first introduced here in the maintenance of silk tie.

1. First, the tie made of silk is very easy to deform and form folds. When we use the tie, do not throw at will, remember to hang the tie on the hanger so as not to leave unrecoverable marks on the tie. Therefore, to develop a good habit is very important.

2. When the silk tie encountered water or perspiration, when placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry, avoid mixing in the washing machine stir, causing the tie deformation.

3. Local stains can be carefully washed or scrubbed with oil, and then naturally dry or ironed.

4. If the stain is not clean or local, can be sent to the dry cleaners for professional dry cleaning. After all, people have experience, for a favorite tie, a little money I think it is acceptable.

5. Short-term use of the tie can be placed vertically on the clothesline or elsewhere; long-term use of the tie, the first iron should be used again, play a role in sterilization, then it should be loosely rolled into a ball, placed in the closet And other places, if conditions allow, put a mothball on the edge, to prevent borers breeding.

6. When wearing a tie or tie, do not touch the sharp hard objects, silk ties are easily damaged, a single broken, it is difficult to recover.

7. Avoid the tie on the sun exposure, easy to yellow.

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