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How To Tie The Tie - Most Of The Man's Taste

- Jul 21, 2018 -

The collocation of shirt and tie is a cross of color and etiquette knowledge, which is not appropriate, and may damage the image of a gentleman. The necktie is near the face, and it is the only pure adornment.

1. black suit, black is considered to be a dress color, can only be equipped with white shirt, with pure black or pure white tie, to attend banquets, weddings or other ceremonious occasions.

2. deep gray or gray black suit, wearing white mainly light shirt, can match all kinds of tie with color tendency, this is because the gray is neutral color, and the light color shirt is not easy to conflict, with greater freedom.

3. dark blue suits, white and light blue shirts, with green, blue, green and other cool colors, but a grayish tie. For more relaxed occasions, orange and yellow can be considered as bright colored neckties.

4. Brown suits, worn in white, light yellow or bright yellow Beige shirts, can be matched with dark brown and yellow tie.


Contact: Xi Lin

Address: 818 xianhu road shengzhou city, zhejiang china.

M/P: +86-13758596355


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