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How To Determine The Length And Width Of The Tie

- Jan 10, 2018 -

How much the most suitable length and width of the tie how to determine the length of the tie
The tie is too short - tied to the navel (left), and even a good person, the stomach will be highlighted. At this point, the tie becomes an arrow, 喏 - below is the belly! At the same time will make the body appear backward, it looks funny.
When the tie is long - take it to the underside of the waistband (right) so that the tie will make the upper body look long and look humpbacked or even unsure. At the same time will look short head, legs will be significantly shorter.
The correct tie method (middle): the length of the tie should be just over the belt tail - the bottom of the tie just over the navel where such men seem to have mastered the body's center of gravity.
- If you do not comply with the above principles, your body will become uncoordinated proportions yo.

Tie length
Standard tie length of 132 centimeters to 142 centimeters, after the tie is over, the tie tip to just fall on the belt buckle.

2 cm to 15 cm wide tie have been popular. If you want to be on the safe side, choose the ideal size that is unaffected by the tide: a tie of 9.5 cm to 10 cm wide.

Silk texture of the tie is always the right choice.

If the shirt and tie color system coordinated, it would not be wrong, but not necessarily do. The basic principle is that the color of the tie must be deeper than the color of the shirt (except of course the black shirt).

As long as tie length properly with a plaid shirt can also look good. Solid color shirt with the same color solid color tie is a good choice, but the real classic tie is oblique stripes, the width of stripes is about 1.5 cm. If you do not want to come out, then it must be noted that the direction of diagonal stripes do not point from the left shoulder to the right waist.

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