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Custom Fashion Ties-Shengzhou Guilong Necktie & Weaving Co.,Ltd

- Oct 27, 2018 -

 A man's collar has always been an important territory, temperament, taste, fashion sense can be transmitted from this square inch, tie and tie is the protagonist here. GUI Long Tie manufacturers are also following the fashion step to produce customized new fashion ties.

Custom fashion ties

The bow tie contains solid colors, stripes, squares or prints. You can make it casual, stylish or elegant with a shirt or suit.

Custom fashion bow-tie

Shengzhou Guilong necktie manufacturer specializes in providing tailor-made neckties, according to customer demand for production and processing of printing, yarn-dyed knots. Strict screening of production fabrics, strict accordance with the standard of production process.


Contact: Xi Lin

Address: 818 xianhu road shengzhou city, zhejiang china.

M/P: +86-13758596355


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