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Common Sense Of Suit And Tie Introduced

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Modern dress suit and cultural definitions of its popularity has become common sense. People wearing suits at the same time, we should also understand the knowledge of everyday suits, so wear clothing quality.
1. A single row of two buckle suits, buckle buckle all without buckle that free, easy, buckle side of the grain, said solemn, full deduction that ignorance; single row of three buckle suit, all without buckle buckle that free, easy, buckle only in the middle A deduction that authentic, buckle the above two, said solemn, full deduction that ignorance; double-breasted suit can be deducted, or only buckle the above one, that is easy, stylish, but it must be deducted.
2. Wear cuffs when the trademark should be removed, the outer bag can only be light, thin things or hold things.
3. Shirt must be kept clean, collar and cufflinks must be buckled; shirt cuff should be exposed about 1 cm, shirt collar should be 0.5 cm above the collar collar to protect the collar collar, add beauty.
4. Formal occasions wearing a suit must tie. The color of the tie should match the color of the suit. In informal occasions you can not tie, but the shirt collar buckle should be untied to show leisure and ease, to avoid giving people a sense of forgetting to wear a tie.
5. Trousers trousers need to be ironed straight, generally the same material with the same jacket, but also with the color, depth.
6. vest can wear can not wear, but wear that grand, with the same material jacket, waist belt can also be used instead of vest.
7. Popular clouds: suits and ties: wearing suits must be accompanied by shoes, while paying attention to the unity of color and style; hair should be clean and tidy.
In short, the mainstream suit culture impression is: a culture, educated, gentlemanly, authoritative and so on.

However, experts explained that if the tie is too tight, the neck will oppress the carotid and nerve, hinder the normal circulation of the human body, resulting in brain ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in limited supply of normal nutrition, involving the optic nerve and oculomotor nerve Appeared eye swelling, blurred vision and other symptoms. In particular, some staff engaged in copywriting work, bow at work, the tie will look more tight, eye discomfort symptoms will be more apparent. At this time only need to slightly loose the tie, swelling eyes when eyestrain symptoms will ease.
For this reason, ophthalmologists advise people who often tie, should have a proper degree of freedom of the neck. At the same time, people working in copywriting should always look into the distance and rest their eyes.
For carotid sinus sensitive people, pay attention to the tie, bow tie and wear a round neck shirt, turtleneck do not be too tight, it is best to leave two fingers in front of the gap.
In the work intensity increases, the mood changes drastically and the environment temperature and humidity rise, should promptly release or remove the tie.

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