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Clothing Accessories Evolution

- Apr 22, 2018 -

Through some archaeological literature, it is not difficult to find that humans had habit of wearing jewelry long ago. From women's stone bracelets to bright feathers on the Indians' heads. The earliest accessory was entirely due to human love and it was a kind of personal beauty that produced a physical carrier. The origin of clothing accessories is part of national culture, art origin, and social progress. It should appear before serving

The appearance of the equipment. When jewelry and human clothes are combined, what appears to us is clothing accessories.

With the continuous development of society, accessories have been given more meaning from the original pursuit of simple beauty. The special status of the individual (the decoration of ancient tribal heads, walking sticks), the symbol of personal honor (athletes' medals awarded), the symbol of religious beliefs (the cross in the church), the embodiment of personal images (personal objects of stars)...

From the aspect of the appearance and decoration of the decoration, the actual needs or faith in the spirit may lead to the appearance of a kind of decoration. The existence of the objective beauty and its appeal to people lead to clothing accessories. The development of clothing accessories has become more and more abundant and more and more beautiful.


Contact: Xi Lin

Address: 818 xianhu road shengzhou city, zhejiang china.

M/P: +86-13758596355


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