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Vest types introduced

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Single placket vest is the most common type of vest, because it is best to manage, but also for a variety of occasions, this vest basically do not have to worry about not match such a problem.

Double placket vest is used to create a sense of hierarchy, especially for tall men, in the same color with shirts and windbreaker is absolutely not outdated wear lawns, coat remember to wear rather than wear Oh oh.

Today, the most fashionable is undoubtedly flat collar vest, with the style, will not give others a sense of distance. Light color is full of fashionable young charm. Clean type of male who will not love it?

Classical green collar suitable for mature men, but after the improvement of the designer, narrow collar green collar is not only not significant, but also for men of all ages wear. And it's not business, is the first choice when joining a party or event.

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