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Various types of bow ties

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Bow tie as part of men's suits, gives the impression that most of them are in formal occasions to attend it. With the development of the times, bow ties are gradually taking to the streets. Here are some types of bow ties:

Plaid bow tie: Plaid elements can be described as very classic, elegant color with a very good, with the same color suit jacket best. It should be noted that the grid style can not be too complicated, otherwise it will be overwhelming.

Printed bow tie: Romantic complex printing used in the bow tie to bring more noble qualities, if you choose to print bow tie, suit style and other jewelry should try to simplify.

Wave Bow Tie: Fashion, Funny, lively, these words can be used to describe the fun full wave bow tie, lively color mix with classic wave elements together.

Solid color bow tie: solid color bow tie appears neat, better with. Usually with shirts or suits detail colors together. Black bow tie is usually the most wild.

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