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The advantages and disadvantages of cotton vest fabric

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Pure cotton vest fabric is good, but what are the advantages of it, along with Xiaobian take a look at the following:
1, cotton vest hygroscopicity is very good, under normal circumstances, cotton vest to the surrounding atmosphere to absorb moisture, the moisture content of 8-10%, so it touches the human skin, people feel soft and not stiff, Make people feel comfortable.
2, heat resistance, as a good thermal stability of cotton vest, below 110 degrees Celsius, will only cause the vest water evaporation, will not damage the fibers.
3, alkali resistance, cotton fiber resistance to alkali, cotton vest in alkaline solution, the fiber does not damage the phenomenon, but also can be printed on the cotton vest, embroidery and other processes.
4, hygiene, cotton vest by many aspects of inspection and practice, cotton vest and skin contact without any stimulation, no side effects.

Pure cotton vest has several disadvantages
1, easy to wrinkle, wrinkled more difficult to heal.
2, easy to shrink, cotton vest shrunk is 2% -5%, after a special exception to water treatment.
3, easy deformation, easy to deformation of cotton vest.

In general, cotton vest is comfortable or breathable.

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