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Scarves maintenance methods

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Scarves are essential accessories for every girl, I believe every girl will have a few beautiful scarves, there must be a lot of girls do not know how to care for it and worry. Indeed, the scarf is very delicate, want to make your scarf always bright and beautiful, may wish to listen to suggestions.


1: washing: hand wash at 30 degrees, plus a few drops of balsamic soak, so washed silk scarves will be more soft and smooth.

2: washing should not be alkaline detergent and soap washing, washing should be placed in ventilated place to dry, to avoid the feel of the scarf and color change.

3: Do not hang the silk scarf on the hard metal hook to prevent the silk surface from damaging.

4: silk scarves do not wear, should not be mothballs, or easily embrittled.

5: Ironing temperature of 100 degrees is appropriate, the best pad lining cloth to maintain the flatness of scarves.

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