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Men how to choose a tie

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Nowadays, we all know that wearing a suit is usually more formal with a tie, so we have to have some kind of harmony with the clothes, so when we are choosing a tie, we also need to adapt to your whole style. Today, we understand Some common sense of choosing tie.

In fact, the impact of the width of the tie is not the same for each person, different people have different needs, each time the situation should be selected at the time.

With clothing This is the easiest point to grasp, but also the most traditional way, simply put the collar with a suit collar contrast. Wider suit can not be fitted with a long, narrow neck tie, tie the West to tie a wide necktie is equally weird. Choose to suit the collar width and width of the tie is appropriate.

Wide-body people will be suitable for a wider tie, of course, more fat people wear a narrow necktie will look good.

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