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How to choose the right tie

- Jan 10, 2018 -

In today's rapidly developing social environment, the tie as a part of men's clothing fully reflects the rich connotation of the tie as a costume jewelry, making the best image explanation for the unique and deep inner world of a man. Therefore, the tie has experienced the long test of fashion trends today, with the rapid development of human civilization and aesthetic fashion constantly updated, with its unique soul and personality more and more by men of all ages and respected. Let Xiaobian teach you how to choose the tie in different scenes:

Normal work is installed: if it is to work with, can be a plain tie, such as blue tone, black tone, but too subtle, seem subtle but careful, prominent professionalism. Can also be bright colors, the performance of personality, highlighting the fashion flavor, such as blue and white stripes, yellow and so on. Of course, it depends on the nature of your work. If you are usually in and out of formal situations, solemnity will be more mature and steady.

Participate in the evening party: Participate in the evening party usually buy brightly colored tie, because the evening's lights are relatively dark, a bright color tie can make you look more dynamic.

Participate in business meetings with: business meetings are generally more high-end hotels, guest houses, etc., are very formal occasions, we are all based on work as a starting point, so that everyone in recognition and communication at the same time, professional dress prominently your work Ability, attitude, personality traits, wearing a tie at this time must be steady, dark line, dark tone reflects your subtle, so that your potential partners or superiors pay more attention to you.

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