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Handsome gourd bow tie play

- Jan 10, 2018 -

A bow tie, like a tie, is a hipster symbol of a man's noble gentleman, worn at a formal dinner. Especially for tuxedo, if less bow tie, it is no longer the real sense of the dress. Today, Xiao Bian to learn together with everyone handsome gourd bow tie play:

1. Change the length of the tie (if you want to), a large bow needs a longer tie.

2. The beginning of the tie should be one inch longer than the other end, and the long end should be on your right.

3. The long end across the other end.

4. Turn the long end under the short end and then out of the middle.

5. Fold the short end.

6. Cover the long end over the short end.

7. Fold the long end.

8. Insert the long end into the loop behind the short end and gently pull the ends to tighten the bow tie / bow tie.

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